Photo of Music Producer Steve PeachWhat if finding the right music producer could make all the difference between your song being a hit - or a miss?

Hi, I’m Steve Peach. I’ve been producing music full time since the 1990’s, and I’m the luckiest guy in the world, because I LOVE my job!

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great artists in my career, some of them have been household names, others have been complete unknowns who went on to sign record deals and have successful careers on the strength of the recordings we’ve done.

You're passionate about your music, and you want to work with someone who cares about it as much as you do. I will give 110% to bring out the very best in you. Maybe better than you ever knew you were capable of!

I work from my private studio in Castle Hill, about 30 minutes north-west of Sydney’s CBD. I work with artists in the studio, or remotely via the internet, whatever works best for you! Because the studio is equipped with some of the finest professional audio gear that money can buy, you can get a world class result for a reasonable price - much less than it would cost you to hire a big commercial studio with a producer.

And because I do all the work in-house I can also offer you something else that they probably can’t - a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee for my fees. If you’re not satisfied with your recording, I will refund my production fees! (see our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee page)


“Steve Peach has been the creative force behind a number of successful acts handled by Central Station Records over many years. Steve has a real connection to popular music and knows how to get the best from artistic talent. He is also an all-round good guy who is easy to get along with. I'd recommend his musical production skills and services to anybody who cares about releasing a good quality pop-music product.”

Morgan Williams (Co-Founder & Director - Central Station Records / Universal)


For more information on the services I offer follow the links below. If you have any questions or want to chat about recording with me, give me a call on 0411 15 11 66, or if you prefer send me an email through the contact page. Of course you are also welcome to come and see the studio, play me your tracks, listen to some of my work and discuss your recording project, no obligation.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Some demos of my recent work:

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