Are You WIth Me

“Are You With Me” is the banging new single from Sydney dance artists Film Rouge, Steve Hill, Peter Millwood on new Sydney label Stereo Missile Recordings. This gutsy protest anthem is primarily an Electro House track, with strong influences from Punk Rock and even a touch of Sea Shanty! Now, such an odd brew of styles might seem on paper to be impossible to blend successfully. But the market research shows that “Are You With Me” hits a home run across all of these diverse genres, attracting overwhelming responses from fans of Skrillex, Deadmau5, Green Day, The Offspring, and even The Pogues! Of course, attempting such a musical Frankenstein as this goes against all of the conventional wisdom of music production and marketing, which says “stick to one genre”. But if that was all that artists ever did then music would be pretty stale, and we would never be treated to gems like “Are You With Me’!

Artists Film Rouge, Steve Hill and Peter Millwood are a diverse bunch themselves. DJ Steve Hill is a world renowned hard dance DJ who tours the globe playing to sell out crowds, and also heads his own prolific Hard Dance label Masif Entertainment. Film Rouge (producer Steve Peach) has been producing successfully for years under various guises and for many other prominent dance artists. Singer Peter Millwood has sung on several hit records over the years including vocals on “Star to Fall” (Cabin Crew), “More Than A Feeling” (Stafford Brothers), and more recently has recorded vocals for European DJ’s Bream & Blinders on famed French label DJ Center Records. It’s so refreshing to hear artists really pushing the boundaries and being adventurous like these guys. So why not inject some different colours into your sets and try “Are You With Me”. I promise you it won’t be boring!

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