Your Free Pre Production Session

Free Pre=production SessionPre-production is in many ways the most important part of the whole recording process!

If there is room for improvement with the song (there usually is!) then pre-production is the place to fix it!

When a recording doesn't feel right, doesn't keep you interested from start to finish, it is almost always the song itself that is the problem. After all, it is the song that defines the limits for how good a recording can be in the end, so spend a little time at the beginning to iron out any problems. It’s one of the most valuable investments that you can make!


Your free pre-production session includes:

  • meet with Steve to discuss your goals for the recording 
  • go through the song to see whether it needs any work 
  • work out the song structure and arrangement 
  • discuss the musical direction you would like to take 
  • listen to reference tracks to get style and production ideas 
  • record a very quick demo to lock down the song structure 
  • discuss and agree on session musicians if required 
  • work out a recording plan

This session is totally free and there is no obligation on your part to proceed with the recording. We also offer a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for our recordings services if you decide to proceed with us, so you know that you can record with us with confidence!

Contact us now to book in your free, no obligation pre-production session!

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Q/ Why do you offer free pre-production?

A/ Because we want you to get the best results you can! We take pride in our work and we want the best possible final product for all of our clients. Pre-production is the chance for everyone to have their ideas heard, and to discuss the plan for the song. It’s important that everyone has a clear idea of what the goal is, and that you end up with recordings that you love and are proud of!


Q/ Will you ask for a share of the song copyright if you help with my song?

A/ No, we don’t ask for a share of your songs. Not unless you ask us to write a song with you, which we are of course very happy to do! 


Q/ What if I don't want anyone messing with my songs and I just want to record them the way they are?

A/ No problem! We are happy to record your songs exactly as you want them! We can offer you professional advice on different things you can try with your songs, but we won't be offended if you don't use our ideas - it's your song after all! Even if you don't want to touch your songs, it's still worth doing pre-production for the other reasons above.

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